Dawn Ertl


I am interested in the structural integrity of systems made by both nature and people. I am intrigued by the imbalance of give and take and how it effects the well being of that system, how it continues to function, and how the health of that system effects us both physically and mentally.

I am interested in the disconnect between personal space and shared space; we get stuck thinking about now, and forget to look ahead, while dismissing the past. I am concerned with actions that are made to benefit one instead of many or us as a whole.

I create work that connects natural materials that remain post productive(can be reprocessed by the system it came from, without outside help from us and without destroying the healthily balance of that system) after we use them in combination with materials that have been chemically altered from natural materials that become harmful in their post productive state.(single use plastic items, such as plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic cups, bottles, drinking straws ect.) I save and collect these item from my own personal use, and from friends and family.