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R1, 2002, Oil on canvas, 16x20"

Gridlock, 2005, Oil on canvas, 40x48"


Titus, 2005, Oil on canvas, 30x43"


Brutus, 2008, Oil on canvas, 48x36"

My work is influenced by the Abstract Expressionists and by Gerhard Richter.
Abstraction is a form of generalizing subject matter.

In the vast array of commercial imagery that we surround ourselves with every day,
I find comfort and relief in the slower process of oil painting.



Education: BFA Oregon State University 2001-2005

Awards & Scholarships: Madsen Davidson Award for Painting 2002-2003
Yaquina Art Association Painting Scholarship 2003-2004

Sales History: Untitled Monotypes (4) Oregon State Foundation 2003
Ferdinand the Bull Etchings (2) Oregon State Foundation 2003
Zen Etching purchased on behalf of the Yaquina Art Association 2004
Untitled Monotype sold to Scott & May Corvallis, Or 2005
Untitled painting sold to FrameStore gallery, Costa Mesa, Ca 2008

Gallery Activity:
Yaquina Art Association Scholarship Show 2004
Atrium Gallery two man show with Bob Daly, Corvallis, OR 2005
Currently Assisting Marion Meyer gallery in Laguna Beach, CA 2008-present
Upcoming Show at FrameStore Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA, July 2008