Cityscape with Flood, 2007, Mixed Media, 30”x38” 



Havana, 2008, Mixed Media, 32”x34”



From Above, East and West (detail), 2007-2008, Mixed Media, 80”x90”



From Above, East and West (detail), 2007-2008, Mixed Media, 80”x90”

My current work unites disparate landscape elements to create imaged places.  This work stems from a reflection on personal history and experience of place, and an interest in how a landscape both defines and reflects its inhabitants.  As individuals and groups change and structure places, identities and thoughts are changed and structured as well; I want to explore and understand these implications.




CSU Long Beach
Long Beach, CA                                                                                  Fall 2007-present        

  1. MFA candidate in drawing and painting starting fall 2008.
  2. Post-baccalaureate course work in art and art education.

Harvard Graduate School of Design                                     Summer 2006
Cambridge, MA

  1. Summer program in Landscape Architecture. 

Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ                                                                            Spring 2005

  1. Graduate Printmaking coursework

Williams College
Williamstown, MA                                                                               September 2000—June 2004

  1. B.A. June 2004, double major in art and physics. 

Drawing the Landscape, Gatov East Gallery                            February 2008
CSU Long Beach, Long Beach, CA
Collision Machine, D&S Knitwear Building                                        July 2005
Brooklyn, NY
Williams College Senior Art Show                                            June 2004
Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA
Berkshire Art Association Fellowship Show                              March 2004
Berkshire Art Association, Pittsfield, MA
Skin n’ Bones, Contemporary Artists’ Center                           December 2003
North Adams, MA

National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency
Long Beach, CA                                                                                  March 2008-present
CSU Long Beach Cambodia Project
Phnom Penh, Cambodia                                                                       January 2008
Teacher/Tutor, C2 Education
Garden Grove and Irvine, CA                                                              June 2007—December 2007
Teaching Associate, Citizen Schools
Boston, MA                                                                                         October 2006—June 2007
Teacher, Newman Preparatory High School
Boston, MA                                                                                         October 2006—June 2007
English Instructor, Yantai University / Shandong Institute of Business and Technology
Yantai, Shandong Province, P.R. China                                               August 2005—June 2006
Americorps Associate, NJ CDC / Garrett Morgan Academy High School
Paterson, NJ                                                                                         September 2004—August 2005